Weather conditions permitting,

always maintain a safe vehicle...



·Front brake pads

·Front brake rotors

·Brake hoses and brake lines

·Rear brake pads or shoes

·Rear brake rotors or drums

·Rear brake wheel cylinders

·Lower ball joints

·Upper ball joints

·Tie rods, inner & outer

·Tires - condition and wear patterns

·Shocks/Struts, front

·Shocks/Struts, rear

·Exhaust system

·Axles and CV boots

·Accessory belts

·Cooling and heating hoses

·Fluid leaks (coolant, oil,transmission,power steering,

 brake fluid, differential,transfer case)

·Trouble lights (check engine, ABS,brake)

·Ignition wires



Preparing your car for spring and summer...

A 20 point inspection includes:





Spring/Summer Tune-Up Special...


20 Point Inspection


Oil Change


Air Condition Repair and Service



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Keep your car's antifreeze/coolant and transmission fluid levels filled to prevent overheating.


Check your tire pressure and tread often. As the heat fluctuates,

it can affect the air inside your tires, and maintaining the

correct mileage.


Check if cold air is coming out from the air conditioner. If not,

the compressor needs to be checked.


Test the car's battery. High heat can put more strain on

the battery. If it is weak, replace it.





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