Keep your engine clean

and keep your motor....

Your #1 shop for all your auto services...


McQueen Automotive provides all your car care needs

 to keep your vehicle running smooth all year round. From oil changes, brakes to 20-30 point inspection, we do it all.


When you have a problem with your vehicle we carefully

examine every circumstance and take the time to discuss

the best possible solution. Before your car leaves our shop,

we make sure the job is done right and is road safe for you and your family.

We know your car is one of your biggest investments.

  Our licensed mechanics perform all the necessary

maintenance to ensure the longevity of your automobile. 

Leased Vehicles 

To provide ongoing customer satisfaction,

McQueen Automotive is associated with the

following Fleet Leasing Companies

*GE Capitol


*PHH Leasing
*ARI Leasing

some of the many services we provide...



Big Macs Towing is available after

hours and for emergency roadside


(905) 456-6776





Shuttle service


Need a Lift?

Any time your car is in for service, McQueen Automotive will arrange for a free pick up and delivery.


We are always happy to arrange alternative transportation for you. We urge you to call ahead and discuss your needs with us prior to the day of service so that we are always able to match your needs with our resources.

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Towing For Trucks/Cars


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